Ten Walls story captured in the debut album “Queen”

Dance music producer and artist Marijus Adomaitis aka Ten Walls, releases his debut album. The 24 track double CD titled “Queen” will be out 15th March, 2017, presented by label “Runemark”.

The debut piece unravels Ten Walls personal story told through music, poetry and visual arts, altogether making “Queen” more than just a music album. It is a book – like, where the story transforms from one artwork to another.

“Queen is an album full of contrasts. It is a story that covers various moments of my life as well as musical experiences. You can hear my favourite childhood fairytale, sounds of Vilnius, recorded through my window or some flashbacks from the spiritual lessons that brace me still. And it is music that leads you through the entire way,”-says Ten Walls.

In terms of music, “Queen” is a fusion of genres with strong classical influences, nu jazz, down-tempo electronica, indie & house, broken beat yet still keeping “Ten Walls” original manner. It’s destined to captivate attention with the emphasis on feeling through sounds, views and lyrics. The album includes photos and poetry lines reflecting each track. Musical pieces exceeded and found additional forms, making the “Queen” a single piece of art.

Ten Walls made collaborations with a spectrum of musicians, who played an important role in the debut album.

Singers Jonatan Bäckelie, ALX brought their lyrics as well as personal experiences. Album also features renowned Lithuanian musician, pianist, maestro Petras Geniušas, brilliant Cello player and friend Vytautas Sondeckis, bass guitarist Domas Aleksa, acoustic drummer Marijus Aleksa, vocalist Monika Liu and strings nonet performers accompanied by conductor Ričardas Šumila.

“Queen” will be followed by the tour, starting mid. March 2017. First gigs will take place in Europe (Lithuania, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Benelux and more). Tour dates and venues list will be announced soon.

Ten Walls debut album “Queen” will in double CD package from the 15th of March 2017 and March 27th in digital format. Pre-orders online at Amazon.

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